with auto-ignition

Propan gas welder with piezo ignition and turbo flame for welding copper pipes up diam. 42 mm. Turbo flame is composed by many inner cones. This flame wind up the pipe to be welded, giving an optimal themperature of 2100°C and obtaining a perfect welding result. Welding with turbo flame avoids use of Gyroflam, because the tool reach an high temperature that allows good results just by positionning welder's jet on surface to be welded a bring it to optimal temperature.
- Normal nipple (code 900685)
- Revolving nipple (code 900686)
- Set with 2 meters rubber tube with normal nipple (900687)
- Set with 2 meters rubber tube with revolving nipple (900690)
- Manometer up to 4 atmospheres with reducer (code 900688)
- 5 Kg empty gas bomb (code 900689)
- Rubber pipe (each meter) (code 900695)
- Copperflo welding 2 mm in bars (1000 gr. box) (code 9500970)
- Sibraloy welding 2 mm in bars (1000 gr. box)(code 9500975)