Welding machine

Welding machine for pipes and fittings in PB - PE - PP - PVDF suitable for by-passes and urban sewers. The quick closing and adjustable pressure steel vices are the main chaacteristics of this item that, together with interchangeable segments for a quick central coupling obtain a correct and sure locking of pipes, sockets and deflections; by using the same vices there is also a great saving of time and optionals accessories. These vices are fixed to an adjustable support ehich can be regulated each 15 degrees; that allows to weld inclined pipes each 15° sector by making a maximum angle 30°. JUNIOR 250 fixed base is in light chromium- plated alloy and includes the chromium-plated grinded steel guides' support; the sliding base is made operating by a wheel rack rod as to calibrate the movement and to easily wind up the pressure spring. The double-isulated welding mirro with adjustable temperature regulator (0 ÷ 300°) and the milling cutter which is made operating by a variable speed motor (from 0-300 tours) slide on the same chromium-plated steel guide and sockets balls recycling. Can be supplied with a tubolar frame acting as a base and mean of tranport with drawer for tooling, complete of segments for vices and pipe support from Ø 75 up to Ø 250.