Universal saw

The universal reciprocating saw Sirio is suitable for cutting steel pipes up to diam. 4” x 3 mm wall-thickness both on straight or curved line and also for wood, plastic, cast-iron, chalk and concrete. Width of the vertical movement of the blade can be selected and eliminated completely (for cutting wood or plastic) or gradually increased up to its maximum (for cutting pipes). Intermediate positions of that regulation are useful for a better cutting of material with various hardeness.
Lightness and perfect balancing of the cutting machine, allow an important reduction of vibrations.
The clamp can be used without hinging the saw. The lateral guides of the clamp assure a perfect orthogonal cut.
Blade's orbital movement regulation.
Complete saw with clamp 4” and one blade type A, in metal case.
- CEI double isulation motor, 230V 50-60Hz 1010W - 4,9A
- Speed 2200 RPM
- Die casting alu body

- Gears and mechanism in hardened steel
- Weight kg. 2,7
Clamp for 4” pipes (code 000544).
Type A - for pipe up to 2” and metal from 3 mm (code 000495)
Type B - for pipe up to 4” and metal from 3 mm (code 000496)
Type C - universal mm 150 (code 000457).
Type D - universal mm 200 (code 000500).
Type G - for wood (code 000501).