UNI 120

Digital electric 3-phase bending machine

The UNI 120 is an accurate and powerful bending machine to bend large diameter pipes. The optimal bending radii do not deform the bent pipes. It is the ideal machine to satisfy the exigencies of every user in the nautical, hydraulic, industrial, oil-hydraulic and plant-engineering sectors.
- Spheroidal graphite iron body on metal steelwork base;
- Asynchronous motor (7.8 KW 400V/50HZ) with inverter;
- Digital touchscreen electronic unit with multilingual microprocessor for setting, controlling and springing-back the bending angle. It is possible to store 50 bending programs and up to 9 sequential bending angles for each program;
- Maximum allowed bending angle 180° + spring-back;
- Console with 24V low tension control board;
- Bending angle adjustment;
- Electrobrake;
- Weight: 1750kg;
- Sizes: length 1500mm, width 900mm, height 1200mm.