Electric pipe bending and ring rolling machine

The UNI 60 COMBI-CAL is a ring rolling machine which allows to bend pipes, structural sections, and plates (it is equipped with three universal rollers to bend structural sections, and plates). In the pipe bending mode it is equipped to bend metal pipes with a bending angle from 0° to 180°; the machine is designed to bend without mandrel.
- Cast iron body on metal steelwork base.
- Asynchronous motor 230V/50Hz/1,50Kw (different voltages on request) 2800 RPM
- Maximum bending angle: 180°
- Digital control panel with multilingual microprocessor for programming, controlling and recovering the bending angle. It is capable of storing 50 bending programs and each of them can store 9 sequential bending angles (in the pipe bending version)
- Low tension (24V) printed circuit board
- Bending angle setting
- Electrobrake
- Dimensions: length 780 mm, width 430 mm, height 1000 mm
- Weight: 170kg.
UNI 60 COMBICAL in the standard version
The square interchangeable shaft of diam. 32 is included in the standard equipment
The quick-guide positioner of the guide support is included in the standard equipment