UNI 60 Al

Electric digital single phase pipe bending machine

Digital UNI 60 AI with interchangeable outlet shaft, a powerful and precise pipe bending machine to bend delicate and thin pipes. It is suitable for bending exigencies with very tight radii.
- Aluminium body
Asynchronous motor HP 1,30 230V/50Hz (different voltages on request) 2800 RPM
- Maximum bending angle 180°
- Digital electronic unit with multilingual microprocessor for programming, controlling and recovering the bending angle. It is capable of storing 50 bending programs with the possibility to select 9 sequential bending angles for every program.
- Low tension printed-circuit board (24 V)
- Electrobrake
- Bending angle regulation
- Automatic return at the end of stroke
- Dimensions: length 580 mm, width 210 mm, height 410 mm (without stand)
- Weight: Kg. 60
D. 32 (square) provided outlet shaft.
Reduced shaft to use with special formers and guides for bending radii which are less than 30 mm.
Digital UNI 60 AI, version with moving plane of bend and universal base.