Electro-hydraulic bending machine for bending with and without mandrel system

The UNI70/HC-OS with kit moving arm, is an accurate and powerful bending machine able to bend large diameters pipes as well as thin and delicate ones. The optimal and constant bending radii do not deform bent pipes: it is the ideal machine to satisfy every user’s exigency in the plumbing, nautical, hydraulic, industry and plants’ installation in general, above all in the ornamental field.
- Spheroidal cast ironed body on metal steelwork base.
- 3-phases 380V 50Hz asynchronus, self-braking motor (different voltages can be supplied on request) 2 speeds 2,3/3,1 kw power.
- Digital electronic control board with microprocessor and display to set and control the required bend and recovery angle. It can store up to 50 bending programs . Each program can memorize up to 9 bending angles in sequence.
- Computerized hydraulic system for the closing and opening of locking and bending tools.
- The mandrel’s extraction can be set up for a high definition of the bend.
- Dimensions: (only machine) length 830mm, width 630mm, height 1270mm
- Weight: kgs.400
Control panel, simple and clear
With two additional interchangeable outlet shafts for bending without mandrel.
Close-up view of the kit moving arm for bending with mandrel.
Close-up view of the kit moving arm for bending without mandrel.
For bending with mandrel see UNI/70HC
For bending without mandrel see UNI/70C