UNI 89

Universal electric bending machine

The UNI 89 is an accurate and powerful bending machine able to bend large diameters pipes. The optimal and constant bending radii do not deform bent pipes: it is the ideal machine to satisfy every user’s exigency in the plumbing, boating, hydraulics, industry and plants installation in general, above all in the ornamental field.
- Spheroidal cast ironed body on metal steelwork base
- Three-phase 380V/50 Hz, asynchronous, self-braking motor (different voltage on request), 2 speeds, 4,8 Kw power
- Digital electronic unit with display for the programming and control of required bending angle. Memory up to 50 bending programs with the possibility to make for each program up to 9 bending angles in sequence.
- Automatic return at stroke end
- Switch panel low tension (24V)
- 180° maximum bending angle
- Sizes: length 1200 mm., width 650 mm., height 1200 mm.
- Weight: kg. 650.
With two additional interchangeable shafts in the standard equipment.
Special formers diameter 3” gas - 3”1/2 WHT
Counterformer diameter 3” gas - 3”1/2 WHT
Guide for twin-rollers (it is supplied without rollers)
Counterform support reduction (in dotation)
Reinforcement tie-rod (provided).