UNI 60 A

Digital electric bending machine

UNI 60 digital, an accurate and powerful bending machine able to bend large diameters as well as thin and delicates pipes with optimum and constant bending radii and without any pipe deformation.

- Aluminium body
- Asynchronous motor HP 1,30 220V 50 HZ (different voltages on request) 2800 RPM
- Digital control panel with microprocessor for programming the angle of bend. Capable of storing 9 bending with 9 bend per program
- Low tension electronic schedule (24V)
- Bending angle regulation
- Electrobrake
- Automatic return to stop
- Dimensions: lenght 520 mm, width 210 mm, height 410 mm (without stand)
- Weight kg. 60
UNI 60 digital, version complete with moving plane of bend and universal base.