UNI 22

Manual bending machine

UNI 22, a compact hand bender for bending copper, double coated aluminium, iron and stainless steel pipes. The optimal and constant bending radii do not deform the bent pipe.
- Aluminium body;
- Hardened steel gears on ball bearings;
- Maximum bending angle: 180°;
- Sizes: length 250mm, width 90mm, height 160mm (without stand);
- Weight: 8kg (without stand).
It is supplied with a bench fixing bracket.
Easy carrying handle.
Anti-rotation and return device of the wind lever.

Aluminium standard formers with cast iron hook with bending radius 3 times pipe's diameter from Ø 10 up to 30 mm.

1) Bronze twin grooved guide for pipes from 10 up to 30 mm.
2) Cast iron single grooved guide for pipes from 24 up to 30 mm.
3) Universal roller to be used with thick pipes (3 mm thickness) like gas pipes, with diameter bigger than 22 mm.