UNI 70 C

Digital electric 3-phases bending machine

- Spheroidal cast ironed body on metal steelwork base.
- 3-phases 380V/50 HZ asynchronus, self-braking motor (different voltages upon request), 2 speeds, 2,3/3,1 KW power.
- Digital touchscreen electronic unit with multi-language display to program and control the required bend angles. Memorises up to 70 bending programs with the possibility to store up to 6 bending angles in sequence in each program.
- Automatic return to original starting point.
- Low tension electronic panel (24V).
- 180° maximum bending angle.
- Equipped with quick counterformer support position device and 2 interchangable outlet shafts.
- Dimensions: lenght 810 mm, width 400 mm, height 1100 mm.
- Weight kg. 210.
UNI 70/C digital, version complete with lenght and rotational stops position table.
2 interchangeable outlet shafts included as standard equipment.